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Facilities, Plants & Equipments

Ck Beton Cement Industries LLC has specialized in the design, production, and supply of ready-mixed concrete, though it’s the countrywide distribution of manpower and mobile equipment CK Beton has a unique capability to pool resources and execute large and challenging pours anywhere at a short notice.

For our clients with large projects requiring a dedicated facility, CK  Beton is capable of setting up on-site batching plants in record time. Whether the project is at a remote location or in the congested areas, our company is capable to mobilize, erect and commission a self-contained production facility on-site, in any size or configuration, at very short notice, with fully customized customers’ specification requirements.

Ck Beton Cement Industries aims to provide end to end business solutions in the category of ready mix concrete and we are committed to providing a quality customer service that’s why we make sure that it will be attained by having a good facility, complete and durable equipment.

Below are the list of equipment and plants available in CK Beton Cement Industries LLC

Quality Control Procedure

In order to ensure that concrete produced is of desired quality, it is necessary that quality control is exercised at all the stages right from receipt of raw material to delivery of concrete at site. Thus, we supplied Ready Mixed Concrete, we rest assured that we produced ready mixed concrete according to quality assurance programme. We followed the Quality Assurance Programme for Ready Mixed Concrete that divided into three components i.e. Forward control, Immediate control and retrospective control. We have laboratory facilities to carry out necessary tests to ensure quality control at all stages during production of concrete. In case, some tests, which are not frequently required, are done by out side agencies, and we made sure that the proper record of results of such tests are done accordingly.

Below are the following procedures we applied in CK Beton Cement Industries LLC.

I .Forward control:

Forward control covers all the aspects which are to be taken care prior to production of concrete i.e. control of material quality and storage, mix design and modifications, plant maintenance etc. We made sure that that every small details regarding this , are monitored, checked and provided accordingly to ensure that the quality or the output will be as per the standards.

1. Control of quality of raw material:- A control system operated to provide assurance that all materials purchased and used in the
production of concrete conform to standards specified. In this aspect, we consider the visual checks, sampling and testing and we made sure that a certification/legal information from our suppliers are available to ensure that they are really certified suppliers..

2. Cement:- As cement is the main constituent of concrete, therefore, quality of cement is quite important for the production of quality concrete. We conform to relevant standards, as specified. Preferably, cement should not be older than 3 months. We made sure to have test records of each lot of cement. Results of chemical tests (i.e. ratio of percentage of lime to percentage of Silica, Alumina and Iron oxide, Ratio of percentage of Alumina to that of Iron oxide and percentage of In soluble residue , Magnesia, total Sulphur content, total loss on ignitia etc & physical tests (i.e. fineness, soundness, setting time, compressive strength etc.) should be within the limits, as specified in relevant standard and their records are factors we considered to be available as manufacturing company of ready mix concrete .

3. Aggregates:- Quality of aggregates affect the quality of concrete. Therefore, we made sure that quality of aggregates is checked prior to their use in concrete. We made tested frequently for physical & chemical properties &grading..

4. Water:- Quality of water tested for solid contents. We made sure that it is free from injurious amount of impurities like oils, acids, alkalis, salt, sugar etc..

5. Admixtures:- We have a certified suppliers that supply the admixtures. An admixture is a material added to the batch of concrete before or during its mixing to modify its freshly mixed, setting or hardened properties..

6. Mineral Admixture:- Mineral admixtures like Pozzolanic flyash or Grounded granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) are tested accordingly asper the standards..

II. Control of material storage

CK Beton Cement Industries utilize suitable transfer and feed Systems. We have proper storage to prevent the risk of contamination

1. Storage of cement:-

CK Beton have separate storage for different types and grades of cement

a) Bins or silos were weather proof and permit free flow and efficient discharge of the cement

b) Each silo or compartment of silo are completely separate and fitted with the filter or alternative method of dust control. Each filter or dust control system having of sufficient size to allow delivery of cement to be maintained at a specified pressure and be properly maintained to prevent undue emission of cement dust and prevent interference with weighing..

2. Aggregates:-

a) CK Beton Cement Industries stock piles are free draining and arranged in such a way so as to avoid contamination and to prevent inter-mingling with adjacent material

b) Our Stock piles are preferably have shades so as to prevent heating of aggregates under the effect of sun and to prevent moisture absorption from rain water

C) Provision made for separate storage for each nominal size and type of aggregates. The method of loading of storage bins should be such to prevent inter-mingling of different sizes and types of aggregates .

d) Handling procedure of loading and unloading aggregate must be made such so as to reduce the segregation to minimum.

e) Water:- Adequate supply of water are be available when water is stored on the plant. Storage facility designed in such a manner that the risk of its contamination is minimum.

f) Admixture:- Admixtures be stored in water tight drums or tank protected from direct sun or excessive cold. Each tank or drum containing admixture are properly labeled for identification purpose. Pot life and date of expiry are also indicated.

g) Batching equipments

h) Mix design:- Design mix concrete are used for ‘production of required grade & strength of concrete. Mix design are finalized after conducting trials. CK Beton Cement Industries produce all the records for approval of mix design. CK Beton Cement Industries plants have some designed recipes (mix proportion for different grades). They may be considered if they fulfill- all requirements.

i) Inspection and maintenance of plant equipments:- CK Beton Cement Industries LLC are able to demonstrate a documented inspection and calibration ‘procedure for the plant and all other equipment is prevalent. All scales are inspected and tested over their range on a monthly basis and the results are recorded.

j) Transportation arrangement:- CK Beton Cement Industries LLC maintained the good customer relations, that’s why we make sure that the delivery of the required items are supply on the specified time required by our clients. We have .properly monitored our truck mixers and pumps to ensure that required timings is achieved.

III. Immediate control

Immediate control is concerned with instant action to control the quality of concrete being produced. Broadly it includes following:
a) Adjustment for surface moisture content of fine and coarse
b) Measurement of materials and subsequent operations

Iv. Retrospective control

It is the quality control procedures after production that we applied in CK Beton. This covers (i) sampling of concrete, testing and monitoring of results, (ii) weighbridge checks of laden and unladen vehicle weights, (iii) Stock control of materials and (iv) diagnosis and correction of identified faults.

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