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CK Beton Cement Industries LLC started year 2008 of its own operation with two fully computerized bathing plants at Mussafah Abu Dhabi. Having the best and most efficient facilities, processes, and people Ck Beton Cement Industries LLC continued fulfilling achieving their goals and contribute market shares to succeed in this highly competitive market.



  • To exceed the satisfaction of our customers’ requirements in quality, quantity and turn-around time, by producing high-quality concrete, in accordance with national and international standards.
  • We strive to be flexible, reliable and honest in our operations whilst being market competitive.
  • We are committed to provide excellent customer service, safe/healthy working conditions and environmentally sustainable practices.


  • To be the leading ready mix provider considering the quality and standard output for our clients.
  • We wish to lead the way and be a “‘ learning company” in all areas including customer service, products, staff development.

Our Raw Materials

Raw materials are those important factors to consider as the quality of the product will depends on the materials to be used.

Cement is a substance manufactured from limestone and shale, with other minor additives, at temperatures in excess of12002C. It has unique properties – as a powder it is loose and friable, but mixed with water it hydrates into a paste and then as it dries it sets hard and binds all the surrounding particles together. The main source of cement is from Sharjah Cement Factory. We do consider the quality standard of the manufacturers that’s why we get the supply from the manufacturers having a legal certificate . The total storage capacity of cementious materials is 3000 tons at a time on a daily basis.

Mineral Additives

Mineral additives are one of the factors we considered as these additives help to produce high performance of concrete. There were types of mineral additives like cementitious (Ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS), Pozzolanic, Fly Ash, Silica Fume, and Rice Husk Ash. All minerals additives will be stored in separate silos and dispatched into the mixer through automatic weighing systems. The quantity of additives used in the concrete depends on the specification requirements

Coarse Aggregates

We have fully crushed and sound coarse aggregates from qualified suppliers in which stored in proper storage bays.

Fine Aggregates

Crushed rock sand from approved sources and Dune sand from Al Ain will be used for the concrete production. Only authorized and certified supplier of sand is permitted to be used in the ready mix concrete.


Our main source of water is coming from certified water suppliers . Since the amount of water used to mix the ingredients is the most important factor in determining the final strength of the concrete, we do consider also the quality of the water supplied by our main supplier.


Admixture is a material other than water, aggregates, or cement that is used as an ingredient of concrete or mortar to control setting and early hardening, workability, or to provide additional cementing properties. The properties commonly modified are the heat of hydration, accelerate or retard setting time, workability, water reduction, dispersion and air-entrainment, impermeability and durability factors.

Only the Best


The Newest Facilities, Plants & Equipments

Ck Beton Cement Industries LLC has specialized in the design, production, and supply of ready-mixed concrete, though its countrywide distribution of manpower and mobile equipment CK Beton has a unique capability to pool resources and execute large and challenging pours anywhere at a short notice.


High Quality Construction Management

In order to ensure that concrete produced is of desired quality, it is necessary that quality control is exercised at all the stages right from receipt of raw material to delivery of concrete at site. Thus, we supplied Ready Mixed Concrete, we rest assured that we produced ready mixed concrete according to quality assurance programme.


Completed Projects




Facilities, Plants & Equipments

Ck Beton Cement Industries LLC has specialized in the design, production and supply of ready-mixed concrete, through it’s countrywide distribution of manpower and mobile equipment.

Our Testimonials

I would like to thank you again for the hard work you and your team have put into the successful completion of our Construction project. Your strong attention to keeping and improving the schedule is the major reason for the timeliness of completion.

You have brought a great deal of experience that has been invaluable in a project of this size and is a key reason for its success. I am extremely proud of the centre and have enjoyed working with you to get it built.


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